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Research shows that 57% of employees have left a job because of their manager.

It’s time managers get the support they need to create workplaces where people want to be.

What is

Do any of these sound like you?

“I've been a manager for a while, but sometimes I still feel like I'm not so great at it.”

“I barely have enough time to get my own work done, let alone do what it takes to support my team.”

“I love my team, but sometimes managing people is complicated, and I could use some extra help.”

“I know what I’m supposed to do to support my team, it’s just so hard to actually do it!”

"It can feel lonely being in this position. I wish I had someone to problem solve with who gets it."

I know you want to be a great boss. 
I know you
can be a great boss.
All it takes is intentional effort and the right support. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of managers to help them overcome challenges like:

  •  Giving difficult feedback to a team member

  • Designing a hiring process to get the right person into the role

  • Navigating conflict between team members

  • Managing up

  • Supporting a struggling team member

  • Knowing when to let someone go

  • How to lead an effective team meeting

  • Shifting to a servant leadership mindset

  • Delegating without micromanaging or having to put out fires

  • Setting boundaries and self-care

  • Managing emotions to respond, not react

  • Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Designing processes to meet everyone's needs

  • Working with difficult colleagues

  • And so much more!

I'd be honored to help you.

Get what you need to be your best.

Each month, join us LIVE for three events

or catch the REPLAY posted within 24 hours.

(Sessions are at 11:00am and 2:00pm Eastern)

...And these additional supports!

Suggested Resources

Each month you'll get Mamie's suggested resources (books, TEDtalks, podcast episodes, etc) to learn even more about the monthly topic.

Mobile App

Get easy access to the resource center and community forum so you can learn whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

Quick Start Challenges

Participate in week-long challenges that take no more than 10 minutes per day to help you jumpstart your effectiveness.

Member Forum (on Slack)

Connect with Mamie and other managers to get advice, discover new resources, and contribute to strengthening our community.

Asynchronous 1-1 Coaching

Send Mamie a private message at any time with your specific questions and challenges. Mamie will respond within 48 hours offering advice and support to help you move forward.

Monthly Alternative

Not interested in this month's topic? No problem. You'll get an alternative suggested topic with lessons and workbooks to help you continue to make progress on your own.

Get the Support You Need Without the High Cost of Coaching!


Get 2 months free!

Work for a nonprofit or government agency?

Get 20% off a monthly or annual membership!





Resource Center

Access 50+ audio lessons and workbooks on a wide range of management and productivity topics to help you grow.

($500 value)

Mamie's Ultimate Guides

Download 4 of Mamie’s Ultimate Guides to Productivity, Meetings, Hiring, and Task Managers

($129 value)

Podcast+ Membership

Learn more from the podcast with guest bonuses, extended interviews, sketchnotes, and community!

($150 value)

Got Questions?

How is the Skills Accelerator different from Podcast+?

 The Podcast+ is an extension of The Modern Manager podcast. The benefits primarily center around podcast episodes and guests. The Modern Manager Skills Accelerator is a program designed to help you take action to elevate your skills and cultivate a strong, healthy team. The support and resources go far beyond what's available through Podcast+.

How much time do I need to invest in the program?

That’s up to you. The live sessions are 90, 60 and 30 minutes. Join every one or come when you can. All are designed to help you identify actions to help you become a better manager. You'll never get busy work. I promise to never waste your time. And if you want more, the resource center has additional lessons to help you grow even faster.

How much does it cost?

When you join before December 31, 2023, you can experience the full program for one month for $50 - that's 755% off the regular pricing. If you decide to continue, you'll get the 2023 pricing of $97/month. If you join in 2024, you'll pay the new pricing of $197/month. (Remember, you will not be automatically enrolled after your first month. So if you decide not to continue, do nothing and you won't be charged again. 

How will this help me improve my skills?

Each month we'll cover a specific topic such as dealing with conflict, productivity, meetings, DEIB, delegation and more. During the workshop, you'll learn about mindset and behaviors, and use the workbook to help you apply the lesson to yourself and your team. Plus, the quick start challenges are here to give you an extra boost, and the asynchronous coaching ensure you always have access to me to help work through any specific challenges.

Do you offer a nonprofit discount?

 Yes! If you work for a government or nonprofit organization, you get 20% a monthly or annual subscription when you decide to continue after your first month.


Get your challenging situation or question addressed by Mamie on an upcoming episode.

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