Guide to Episode 132:Understanding and Managing Emotions

Although we are constantly experiencing emotions, very few of us are in tuned with what we're actually feeling. Emotions provide critical information, whether it's acknowledging our own feelings or others'. Marc Brackett, author of Permission to Feel, helps people develop the skills for healthy emotional engagement.


The full guide contains an overview of the RULER process, questions for reflection and suggested actions for each step. It also includes two Mood Meter graphics - page one is printable and page two is designed for use as wallpaper / background for your computer.


The Mood Meter is a tool developed by Marc Brackett based on research by James Russell. Use it to help you and colleagues better articulate the emotional state or feelings you are experiencing. More precise language allows for more effective emotional empathy from others and more productive emotional management for yourself.

Guide to Episode 132:Understanding and Managing Emotions


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