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Bonus Episode on the Power of One

Chrisa and I continue our conversation talking about The Power of One as a mindset for entering and building healthy relationships.

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Before COVID-19 and racial justice protests, the best way to navigate social, technological, and business disruptions was by strengthening intergenerational relationships in our workplaces and communities. Now, it's the only way and Connecting Generations: Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide offers real-world strategies to begin that process.

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Download the report on how COVID-19 is making Gen Zers and Millennials rethink personal and professional priorities based on a survey of over 200 participants that Hayim recently conducted.

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Delegation, or empowering and supporting others to get work done effectively, is an essential life skill. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get over your fears and past struggles, and learn how to effectively delegate in 7 weeks or less so that you can confidently hand off tasks to others, regain your focus, and spend the majority of your time on your highest priorities.

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Bonus videos, tools, articles and more

Here’s your super secret bonus page of videos, tools, exercises, articles, and interviews to help you coach people to expand their perspective and change their behavior for the better. The page will not be made available to the public until September 1st.

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In Leadership By Choice you will explore seven key practices to tap into your inherent leadership style regardless of your experience, role, or title.

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Each of the fifty-two weeks includes a relevant research finding, a true story demonstrating the impact of kindness, and a kind act suggestion. There are also quotes from notable thinkers scattered throughout and space in the back for jotting down your own thoughts and ideas.

We designed this book to be read one week at a time— but whether you read it cover to cover, or dip in and out of it when the mood strikes you, we hope it will be a reminder of all the good out in the world and inspiration for how you can help contribute to it.

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The JRNI Coaching Intensive is a 20-week life coach certification for imperfect people to pursue their perfect calling and launch a coaching practice that makes an impact. We offer a pathway to ICF certification, and are fully ICF accredited. With nearly a thousand graduates, we're dedicated to bringing wellness to everyone and invite you to join the coaching revolution.

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Download a free copy of the #1 team-building & employee engagement game, Cards Against Mundanity, that 25,000+ employees are using at Amazon, Google, Southwest Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, E&Y, Microsoft, Merck, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and many others.

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Yes, of course! Here’s the special “Enterprise Code” that you can share with your 60 subscribers to take The Motivating By Appreciation Inventory -

Do you feel appreciated at work? Take the quick online Motivating By Appreciation Inventory to discover your preferred language of appreciation. Receive an individualized report and list of action items to help your colleagues “hit the mark” in showing you appreciation.

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Win 1 of 2 x 45 minute coaching sessions with Jonah on social innovation. Email to request a session. The first two requests will be granted

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If you’ve ever wondered how to build and sustain a thriving company culture, the Culture Is Everything system developed by Tristan White and The Physio Co team is your answer. The Physio Co story and Culture Is Everything system explained in this book will give you the confidence and knowledge to create a strong culture in your very own business or team.

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Ready to take the next step on your inclusive leader journey? Jennnifer Brown Consulting's 6-week Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Foundations course beginning on March 10th will equip you with the knowledge you need to meet the challenges of this changing world of work so you don't get left behind.

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3 Tip Sheets for How to Respond to Gender Bias

Saying “No” (download): This guide walks you through the thought process of What to when you are asked to do something that won’t advance your career.

3 Tip Sheets for How to Respond to Gender Bias

Preventing Interruptions (download): This sheet provides tips on how to avoid being interrupted, and what to do when you are interrupted.

3 Tip Sheets for How to Respond to Gender Bias

Gaslighting Tip Sheet (download): This guide offers nine tips on how to respond when women are told they are imagining gender bias.

Balance Integration’s “Keep It Real” Checklist

Get a copy of the "Keep It Real" Checklist: 12 Things Modern Managers DO to Build Trust.

1 Person Selected for 3 Assessments and Private Coaching

You will receive a full behavioral, motivational, and axiological analysis and a 90-minute debriefing. These tools will gather information about your brain type, communication type, motivational orientation (what moves you), emotional consistencies (what emotions you rely on for decision making), effective nature, default instincts, emotional needs, self-esteem, self-direction, practical thinking, structured thinking, work/role-awareness, etc. Its retail value is $525.00.

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2 Free Downloads on Cross-Generational Dialogue

How to Maximize Cross-Generational Working Relations with Conversations Each Generation Wants to Have (download)

There is a hunger for intergenerational communication and collaboration at work, but many people refrain from reaching out, wondering who should make the first move through fears or not knowing how. You can start comfortable, and effective conversations with questions such as these as a model.

2 Free Downloads on Cross-Generational Dialogue

10 Tips for Achieving a Culture of Generational Inclusion, Engagement and Belonging (download)

The degree and quality of worker engagement with colleagues and their work directly influences the organizational culture, productivity, profitability, retention and feeling of belonging. Here are 10 specific actions to consider and implement cross-generationally, particularly with the younger generations in mind.

Free digital copy of Lean Vs Agile Vs Design Thinking

As companies evolve to adopt, integrate, and leverage software as the defining element of their success in the 21st century, a rash of processes and methodologies are vying for their product teams' attention. In the worst of cases, each discipline on these teams -- product management, design, and software engineering -- learns a different model. This short, tactical book reconciles the perceived differences in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Agile software development by focusing not on rituals and practices but on the values that underpin all three methods.

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Free Course: The Art of Succes

The Art of Success is truly a tool of self-empowerment like none other. It teaches you exactly HOW to rise above your circumstances and live a stronger, more liberated, more fulfilling life.

This is a serious program for any entrepreneur or visionary who understands that their physical day-to-day “Results” are directly related to “WHO THEY’RE BEING”, and is finally ready to transform their reality into one of personal freedom, pure service to others & purposefully astounding profits.

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10 Key Traits of Top Business Leaders EBook

To successfully climb the ladder of success in an organization is indeed a great achievement and one to be lauded. However, one must remember the old adage that reminds us that – whatever got you there is not what will keep you there! That is so true of leadership. Successful leaders must develop a range of skills to enable them to build a tribe of followers. Being a leader does not come with a title – your title describes what you are, your leadership describes who you are.

Guide to Selecting an Accountability Partner

This guide helps you find an accountability partner that matches your Fear Archetype. First complete the free Fear Assessment and then use the criteria to help you pick an accountability partner that best fits your needs.

Take the assessment at:

Worksheets for End of Year Reflection

Based on years of refinement, Carey Jaros has developed a set of activities to lead a team through purposeful reflection and planning.

Free Audio Course: Productive Prosperity

Designed for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® who has had enough with being stopped in their tracks by overwhelm and instead is ready to learn how to be more prosperous by being more productive.

Includes downloadable audio, a word-for-word follow along transcription of the entire class to support further and deeper learning and key journal questions created to activate a cellular shift in your thoughts, beliefs and actions regarding your ability to be more productive and prosperous.

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Get 20% off the retail price on Amazon (normally $21.99)

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Free Next Steps Planning Session

Get a free session with one of Lindsay's colleagues to plan next steps after your team has completed the motivation survey.

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Free Coaching Session

Get a free session with Ron to address bullying in the workplace or at school (for parents).

Contact Ron -- -- and mention The Modern Manager podcast.

Free 1-hour Coaching Session

One member will be selected at random for a private coaching session with Lindsey. Winner will be selected on Saturday October 19th, 2019.

Free ebook: Stand Out the TED Way

Stand Out the TED Way: Be Seen & Grow Your Business will help you understand what is behind the work you do in order to communicate your message from a place of higher vision, purpose, and passion and thus engage with your ideal client and grow your business.

LRN's The State of Moral Leadership in Business

The State of Moral Leadership in Business Report focuses extensively on the behaviors moral leaders demonstrate, the resulting impact on performance, and a set of suggestions for
how to scale these behaviors across an organization, so
that all colleagues, regardless of role, can embrace and
embody moral leadership.

21st Century Leadership eBook + Profile Template

Future State’s 21st Century Leadership eBook: The eBook includes a set of common attributes that when combined

make people especially adept at leading teams through this time of change. It provides a self-assessment tool and recommendations to further evolve your skills, and ready your organization for inevitable change.

Role Template: Share this template with your team so each person can create a "profile" to help you learn about each others' strengths, role, and interests.

4-day Work Week Overview

Check out Natalie's overview of the 4 day work week, including how they handle paid time off, swapping, etc.

Team Playbook Example

Check out Millie's Team Playbook for Showcase Workshop plus get a free trial and demo of the Showcase Workshp software.

3 Months Free Access to UpTick

If you want to have deeper, more trusting relationships with your team that increase productivity, Uptick can help. It's 1-on-1 meeting software designed by Chris and his team. Skip the waitlist and start using Uptick for free for 3 months.

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Check out Lee's book: The Boomerang Principle: Inspire lifetime loyalty from your employees.

15% off the book Culture Fox

Check out Lorean's book: CultureFox: How to cultivate a lasting culture. My path from hairstylist to international CEO.

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Attend this 4.5-day workshop that will help you create the highest-performing and most highly engaged workforce possible.

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Team Cheat Sheet + Coaching Template

Coaching Template: Get to clarity and use the progressive discipline process to help everyone involved succeed. Use this template and simply update the values and items that you would want your team to be held accountable. See the Silver Lining Example

Team Cheat Sheet + Coaching Template

Silver Lining Team Cheat Sheet: Create mutual expectations and basic understanding of you operate. Use this as inspiration to create your own!

Free coaching for Becoming Your Own Coach

Get 2.5 hours of free coaching with Jennifer on Becoming Your Own Leadership Coach

Mention: The Modern Manager podcast

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Get the individual or team workbook, or the online course to help you craft your clear path forward.

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OS Canvas and Instructions

Transform the underlying principles of how your team or organization works

Download 4 of Krister's leadership tools

Enhance your leadership capabilities.

Go to

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Take steps to eliminate workplace bullying.

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Check out the Becoming Your Best Planner to help you follow Rob's pre-week planning approach.

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Congrats to Mona S. who won this free coaching call!

Get 10% off Oscar's book Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Word

Use the code: TMM10.

Note: The code is only for the paperback version. It won’t work for the Amazon kindle version of the book.

Business Promises Workbook

Use the workbook that Pete uses to manage his team's projects and progress

Ideation Templates

Try using these templates that Jesse uses to manage the ideation cycle:

Idea discovery worksheet.

Decision-making worksheet.

Get 18% off when you purchase my and Jackie's courses

Get 18% off when you purchase my and Jackie's courses on GenConnectU:

Own Your Voice

Leading Meetings for Results and Real Leadership

Use the code LeadWithYourVoice at checkout.

3 Stories to use with your team

Learn more about Books at Work.

Try these stories with your team:

A powerful short story for addressing difference and perception, George Saunders’ Puppy

A Billy Collin’s poem, Genius

Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone

Isaac's course on Building High Performance Culture System

Check out the Building High Performance Culture System course.

$25 credit toward your first freelancer on FreeeUp

Go to FreeeUp and use code "ModernManger25" to get a $25 credit toward your first freelancer when you create your free account.

Tara's "Ten Rules For Brilliant Women Workbook"
Kris's online course "How to Conduct Difficult Conversations"
List of 11 Crucial Books that Every Leader Should Know

Get Dave's guide: 11 Crucial Books that Every Leader Should Know.

Free access to TypeCoach tools

Get access to a series of interactive online Personality Type Modules. It starts with the Verifier Plus which takes roughly 25 minutes to complete and will help you identify your type.

Bonus call with Wes Kao

Listen to this special additional call where we discuss:

- how to give feedback to your boss
- how to motivate team members to strive for excellence
- how to manage a team with conflicting personalities
- tips for transitioning from friend to boss after a promotion
- creating a culture of transparent communication

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