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Host Mamie Kanfer Stewart shares practical approaches to help you be a great manager. Her solo episodes are like mini-courses, providing actionable tips based on experience and research. Mamie interviews a wide variety of guests who share their expertise. Her interview style is conversation and engaging. Each conversation elicits insights and suggestions for how to apply the ideas.


Episodes features topics like: effective meeting practices, communication skills, managing conflict, team building, time management, group dynamics, goal setting and accountability, team competencies, productivity and collaboration technologies, organizational culture, and more.

Episode 100: What is a Modern Manager

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"Mamie brings listeners a fresh perspective on being an awesome manager. I listen to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of articles, but the information presented here ins't the same thing you hear everywhere else. It's not rocket science, but she uses a smart approach and addresses every aspect of management with an understanding that there are no shortcuts. If you're a manager looking to step up your game, this podcast is a must listen. You'll get actionable takeaway information from every episode."



Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Hi, I'm Mamie. 

Managerial excellence expert, executive coach, author of Momentum: Creating Effective Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings, and host of The Modern Manager podcast. I love helping managers apply the best thinking on human behavior and flourishing to how they lead themselves and their teams.

Get new episodes, blog articles, free miniguides, and other useful content delivered to your inbox.

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